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Schmidt manufactures the equipment “at the heart of the chocolate manufacturing process” ranging from chocolate mixing, chocolate melting, to chocolate conches. 

McCarter tanks, mixers, melters and other chocolate making equipment continue to earn a high quality reputation within the industry due to Schmidt’s production skill and quality control. McCarter/Schmidt has become the standard in fabricating, offering high quality chocolate manufacturing equipment to suppliers involved in the chocolate industry.

Chocolate equipment manufactured under ASME guidelines
  • Horizontal Chocolate Mixers
  • Vertical Storage Tanks
  • Vertical Chocolate Mini Mixers
  • Dry Batch Conche Mixers
  • Standard unit material is carbon steel ASTM A36.
  • Optional materials are stainless steel, ASTM A240-304/316
Solutions built for industry leaders

That includes chocolate producers, industrial chocolate manufacturers or bulk handlers of processed chocolate for bakeries, nutrition bar makers. Schmidt also offers technical assistance on repair services for chocolate making equipment, understands clients needs for quick turnarounds, ability to handle "rush" jobs, great service and top notch engineering.